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Technercia Solutions introduced Hybrid Style of Software House. Technercia Solutions observed the advantages and disadvantages of “Freelancing” and “Software House”. Now if we combine the Advantages of both “Freelancing” and “Software House”; the result will be known as Technercia Solutions. Technercia Solutions motivates the young talent via Skill Development Initiatives (SDIs) and encourages the developers to explore Futures.

Technercia Solutions

Hybrid Software House


Be a part of Technercia Solutions as a Developer & Designer…


  • HYBRID SOFTWARE HOUSE (Freelancing as a Job)
  • Virtual Office (Work whenever and anywhere you want)
  • 80% Share per Project (Senior Developer / Designer)
  • 60% Share Per Project (Junior Developer / Designer)
  • Technercia Developers’ Community


  • Software Developer
  • Website Developer
  • Graphics Designer
  • SEO Creative Writer
  • Research Paper Writer
  • eTutor (Online Teacher for Tech Courses)